About Us

Welcome to Hunt Zone and East Coast Falconry Supply.

East Coast Falconry Supply, the home of Falconry in Southern Africa

For years the true hard core falconers from Africa have passionately practised this art without having easy access to the prestigious equipment available for this Royal Sport.

The Team at East Coast Falconry Supply have decided to change the face of Falconry in South Africa for the wellbeing of the birds and their handlers. We aim to ensure that Falconry in South Africa has a constant supply of top quality equipment, without the inconvenience experienced in obtaining it.

Thank you for supporting us in this venture, we will endeavour to assist you in making all purchases pleasurable.

Please feel free to send us comment or good photos or videos that we can include on our site and any positive ideas you may have to share.

If you are new to Falconry or you are considering becoming a Falconer please read Falconry for Beginners on the site.

Many Thanks

The Team

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