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East Coast Falconry

Falconry is the oldest land sport that, once understood, celebrates thousands of years of the fundamental connection between man and nature. 
Falconry has evolved from the need to hunt for food to a world wide sport and now is simply an art form. Falconry is the art of hunting with any trained raptor including falcons, hawks, eagles and other predatory birds. 
Any falconer will recall the emotional moment the first time his bird heard his calls from the skies and returned to his arm. There is a lot of work needed from both the falcon and the falconer before this is possible. 
Birds are usually trained for the sport by the falconer withholding food and then using the food as a reward for the wanted behavior. The falconer must also create a strong bond of trust with the bird in order to allow it to fly freely over head while he designs the hunt from the ground. The falcon and falconer become partners on the bird’s natural hunting experience. 
This ancient sport has changed and adapted although the relationship between man and bird holds strong. Today trained birds are used in pest control, birds are allowed to fly even more freely due to better tracking technology, and helium balloons and drones can now be used in the training process. 
If you are an experienced falconer or a beginner finding the world of falconry for the first time, we have expert staff and a wide range of products and experiences to offer at Hunt Zone. Read through our linked information, visit our online store, pop in to our branch in Queensburgh or contact us on social media to learn more about falconry at Hunt Zone. 
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