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Problem Animal Control Man

Hunt Zone is closely connected with a team of animal experts who make up our division of Problem Animal Control or PAC Man as we like to call it. 
Wild animals outside of their natural habitat or in unwanted areas can cause destruction, decease and can be very dangerous to deal with without expert knowledge and tools.This is where PAC Man’s skill and experience comes in. 

If you are dealing with a rat infestation, pigeons making a home in a new development, or a poisonous snake living in the garage, PAC Man can help. 
Depending on the animal and it’s risks, we either find a new more suitable home for the animals, or exterminate and use them as a food source for local animal farms. 
Contact Hunt Zone today to deal with any wild animal issues you may have. Our friendly staff are ready to give you any information you may need and walk you through the PAC Man process. 
The Hunt Zone Squad 

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